Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Potrblog Video

Potrblog stated in their (they are a group) previous video that deliberately detonating Fukushima would likely be "risk mitigating" if Potrblog's data analysis was confirmed.

In this most recent video, Potrblog re-affirms their analysis of the radionuclides identified through sampling and decoding of the radioactive decay chain.

Potrblog found neptunium, which decays into plutonium.

The lies about Fukushima need to stop. The cover-up needs to end. Humanity, at least in the northern hemisphere, is at risk.

We must demand that a honest and open dialogue occur with publics in Japan, Canada, the US, Mexico, China, Russia, etc.

We need to know what the stakes are.

What happens if Fukushima is blown up deliberately to mitigate the risk of ongoing radiation releases?

What harms will accrue across time if Fukushima continues to fission unabated and uncontained?

What are the relative risks and benefits of various mitigation strategies.


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