Monday, October 31, 2011

Helen Caldicott Video Oct 28 Earth Focus

Caldicott's vision of Fukushima 2 days after disaster began: "this was like descending into hell and that there is nothing anyone could do about it, or will be able to do about it, and the results are irreversible"

She frames her comment in the past-tense and does not state whether her interpretation has changed.

Here is a summary (paraphrased) of her comments:

Nuclear power produces large quantities of global warming emissions because of the infrastructure required to generate and process uranium and to make and de-commission the reactors

Nuclear power is not cheap, but is only financially viable at all because of major tax payer subsidies and guarantees

Nuclear power exists ony because of the desire for nuclear weapons: each reactor makes 500 pounts plutonium a year.

The average doctor does not understand the health effects of radiation from nuclear power and weapons

Over 1 million people have died because of Chernobyl and there has been a major cover up--the "biggest cover-up in the history of medicine"

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