Friday, October 14, 2011

43% of Generation X Women Have NO Kids


"Many Gen X women, overworked and in debt, take a pass on parenthood" by Petual Dvork

"Nearly half the women who make up Generation X — 43 percent — have no children....

"But then I think about what it means to be Gen X, the forgotten generation of folks between the ages of 33 and 46. We are a 46-million-strong latchkey, Scooby-Doo-educated, divorced-scarred, Pop-Tart-fed statistical valley wedged between the peaks of 76 million boomers and 70 million Millennials that are the “E” Generation...."

MAJIA HERE: This is a very interesting article and it demonstrates both freedom of choice and lack of freedom of choice as Generation X women and men have been pressed economically.

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