Friday, October 7, 2011

Fukushima Farmers

Today the WSJ is reporting on the challenges Japanese citizens face finding new sources for rice.

"Japanese Seek New Sources for Rice" p. A12 Oct 7

The article discusses the challenges faced by Fukushima farmers.

I believe the Japanese government must be pressed to purchase the Fukushima's farmers' rice at a fair price and destroy it (deep in the earth).

The farmers should be compensated because no one is going to have confidence in the safety of Fukushima products (for good reason). Why should the farmers suffer for Tepco's errors?

So far, Tepco's compensation plan for Fukushima producers has been perceived as inadequate. Further, Tepco stated previously that they would not compensate farmers for consumer fears of radiation contamination in Fukushima products. Here is a link to concerns about the inadequacy of compensation.

Background Links

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