Monday, October 17, 2011

The News Tonight on Fukushima is NOT GOOD: CALL TO ACTION

First, Fukushima Diary has assembled evidence on reactor 1 and 3. Reactor 1 is clearly under the ground as evidenced by the infrared images recently released. I posted on this yesterday.

Second, Fukushima Diary provides further evidence that when Reactor 3 went up, plenty of MOX fuel was released.

Both sources of information found in this link:

Two separate stories on very high levels of radioactive contamination found in Japan.

4 Microsieverts An Hour Found at Primary School

Over 20 Microsieverts An Hour From Car Sold in Chiba

The levels of contamination are becoming more and more overt.

The people of Japan need to avoid panicking and instead DEMAND THAT THEIR GOVERNMENT OPERATE TRANSPARENTLY and RESPONSIVELY

The People of Japan Need to Demand to Know What is Being Done to Contain the Out-of-Control Corium in Reactor 1

What the hell is going on with this reactor? What is the government doing? What are the US, Canada, China, Russia, France, etc doing to help Japan control this situation?


The People of Japan need to demand that their national government be responsible for all clean up, not just clean up in the exclusion zones.

The people of Japan need their government to set up national testing of food and beverages NOW.

The people of Japan need to demand that their level of exposure be brought down from the dangerous level of 20 millisieverts a year.

The people of Japan need to demand that children's schools and parks be tested and de-contaminated.
The children of Japan must not live in fear and their parents must be provided real guarantees and delivery of safety.


And the people of the other countries affected by this disaster (most of the northern hemisphere I presume) should be asking their governments many of the same questions while making many of the same demands.

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  1. Good reminder
    Divide, absorb neutrons, cool.

    Simple enough in theory, unless the blob was a 5000 degree, fluid mass of radioactive spewing mess, steam spitting, earthquake causing nightmare that also happened to be underneath a tangled blown up mess of steel and concrete (also very radioactive), and on the ocean, occasionally dipping into ground water with belches of steam between bouts of criticality, and of course always subject to more earthquake and tsunami, not to mention typhoons.
    Now throw in a lying greedy corporate monopoly and a dysfunctional government without a real military force to take charge of the situation. Now throw in some old school corruption companies like GE who are now financial giants that also control the media. To add to the fold, place this in a country that respects and listens to their government almost without thinking and add an earthquake and tsunami of epic proportions to their woes.
    Take this concoction and blend it with a financial and political world that is on the edge of revolt, and at least economic collapse. Now dumb down the populace with "Reality" shows and do an effective news blackout.
    Finally, have the enemy come in 60 different types of radiation and chemical toxicity, each with specific countermeaures which are not available to the average joe. Complicate the issue with nuclear scientists who are beholden and filled with 4 decades of lies from regulatory agencies that have gone beyond just being captured by the industry that are supposed to control, they have launched into all out promotion of nuclear. Now make the enemy invisible, with no smell, and can only be detected by complicated instruments that are outside the financial range of most everyone affected. And make the enemies effects to occur mostly over a period of years of decades.
    Throw on top of this, not just the sickness and death, but the actual destruction of the human DNA and all the DNA of the wonderful animals and plants that we have turned to serve our purposed, we are their caretakers and we are destroying their DNA, perhaps creating death or maybe monstrous mutations.


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