Friday, October 7, 2011

TEPCO "Sprinking Decontaminated Water"

NHK: TEPCO starts sprinkling decontaminated water

"The Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, has started sprinkling decontaminated water on the premises of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

TEPCO on Friday began spraying the water onto trees cut down and piled on the plant's compound. The utility says dry trees could catch fire spontaneously.

The water was taken from facilities for temporary storage of water with low levels of radioactivity that had accumulated in the basements of 2 reactor turbine buildings. The buildings did not incur major damage in the March disaster.

The facilities contain about 17,000 tons of such water, and are filled to nearly 90 percent of their capacity

One wonders about the reason Tepco is doing this? Is it because facilities for storing water are filled to "nearly 90% of their capacity"?

If that is the case, then this move to disperse the supposedly decontaminated water could simply contribute to spreading radiation further

Japan is alrady burning radioactive debris and spreading contamination further through the incineration.

The entire country is becoming more and more contaminated and as local politicians lie about the safety of produce, the nation's food supply is becoming more and more compromised.

The entire situation seems to be becoming more and more out of control. It is truly insanity what is happening there.

And the absence of any media coverage and testing in the US and Canada demonstrate that the insanity is a contagion....

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