Monday, October 31, 2011

New Arnie Gunderson Video

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  1. To clarify Anon comment.
    Becquerel is literally dis integrations per (unit) per second.

    If you are 70 kG and you have an internal Becqeurel of say 200 Bq/kG that means every second, there are 14000 reactions where matter changes states and in the process lets out a high energy particle, that since it is inside your body, will be a "direct hit" on something that you actually need, cells, DNA, you!

    But that is per second, per day there will be 1.2 million high energy releases striking direct hits within your body.

    Now lets say that there are 100 Trillion cell in the human body.

    In 4 years you get 1.7 BILLION direct hits on elements of "you" any which hit can damage DNA or start a cancer or other disease.

    So maybe in 4 years, every 1/50,000 of you takes a direct hit, any one of which can become cancer or disease, or damage your DNA.

    And for an internal emitter, they won't be spreading out their direct hits among all your cells equally, they will be blasting the heck out of the cells that are nearby, and even if these cells have reactive protective mechanisms, with a continuous onslaught, it is easy to see how they could become damaged beyond recognition.

    Out! steveo


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