Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nuclear "Power": Knocking on the Devil's Door

hat tip Whoopie at enenews

Knocking on the Devil's Door

Majia here (including in the quotes below): I think I will narrate a metaphor based on this theme:

And the devil opened the door and said come in my clever children.

"Welcome to the hell on earth you have created," said the devil.

"You have poisoned your oceans and your fresh water with chemicals and acidification."

"You have destroyed the seed cultivated by your ancestors over generations upon generations with your GM....

"and now with your latest and greatest accomplishment, you have unleashed the power of a star on the surface of your planet and you have no idea how to contain and extinguish it."

"It will produce forms of radiation previously explored exclusively in particle accelerators."

"But now you will get to experience these exotic entities and forms directly."

"Of course, you will not be able to see the powerful energies you have unleashed, nor touch them."

"Instead, you will only be able to experience these powerful energies in relation to the damage they inflict upon your bodies. Your direct experience will be the suffering of disease, yours' and your loved ones'."

Your young and tender will be the first to reveal the signs of the power you have unleashed upon the surface of your planet.

Geography, topography, climatology, precipitation--all these factors will decide the degree of your immersion in this hell on earth you have created.

Yet, the synergy and contingency of these factors will confound your ability to recognize and combat your vulnerabilities.

And your cultural degradation ensures that your leaders will lie to you about the findings their sensitive instruments disclose.

And the devil stepped back down into his demise, smiling.

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