Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fukushima Headlines October 29

Fukushima Diary: Another large earthquake predicted for Japan

Fukushima Diary also reports that as of 10/14/2011, "Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency announced that the pool (#4) contained 204 units of new fuel rods as well."

NHK is reporting that the lastest Tokyo hot spot wasn't from Fukushima (yaeh, right).

(I was having some trouble with the link so it may not work)

Japan Today: TEPCO asks for reported Y1 tril aid for Fukushima

“The company did not reveal the amount of cash it asked for and said the figure would remain secret until it was approved by the government. However, media reports put the figure at up to 1 trillion yen.

"The utility is looking to receive the first tranche from a government-backed aid body so it can avoid having a negative net worth on its April-September balance sheet, local media reported."

Japan Today: Decommissioning Fukushima nuclear plant likely to take 30 years

Ashi: Report to form basis for stricter food radiation standards

The Guardian: "Fukushima released 'twice as much' radioactive material as first thoughtFar more radioactive caesium was released into the atmosphere than previously estimated, according to study"

MAJIA HERE: The Guardian article is referring to the new study published by Atmos. Chem. Phys Discussion.
(original study:

Enformable: Fukushima Disaster Produces World's Worst Nuclear Sea Disaster

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