Thursday, July 5, 2012

WSJ: "Cambodia Probes Children Deaths"

Wall Street Journal July 5, 2012 p. A7, by P. Barta:

"Cambodian and international health officials are investigating an unexplained disease that has killed more than 60 children since early April..."

The article describes the illness as an "unknown respiratory disease involving neurological symptoms..."

Of 62 children admitted to the hospital, only 1 survived.

Important: One of the officials at the Cambodian Ministry of Health said there was no apparent clustering of cases and he was quoted as stating:

[Ly Sovann of the Cambonidan Ministry of Health]: "The cause of the disease may not be new, but the scale at which it is occurring has not been observed in recent years"

Majia here: Hmmm.

Has the radiation from Fukushima produced a mutation?


Has the radiation from Fukushima reduced these children's susceptibility to disease?

It is true: I'm speculating here...

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  1. This Japanese post suggests the children ate sardines and mackerel imported from Japan as part of school lunches.


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