Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Common Spent Fuel Pool Burning?


Hat tip Bobby1 for the link and Nuckelchen for the capture.

I don't think this blog post here is overstating the dangers


  1. There's something odd in the Tepcocam view these days.

    First, I think building #2 has moved to the west some - covering up more of the view of building #3.

    Second, it appears that the vent tower that used to be at the far end, past unit 4 can be seen all the way to near the ground. I know they've taken a couple of layers off the building, but it still should be 100 feet high.

    Third, the location of the burning is not the same location that the bright nighttime light has been for many months. It's a little further to the right.

    There's also a large plume of smoke on the SE corner of #2 in coming from the #3 China syndrome pit.


  2. Gotta admit, this is not a pretty picture. Thanks for all you do.


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