Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Massive Power Outages Throught Storm-Hit US

What happens if one of those storm-caused outages leaves a nuclear power plant on back-up generators? Or worse, without generators?

How long before reactor and spent fuel meltdowns?

In this video, nuclear engineers Mr Arnie Gunderson and David Lochbaum discuss how vulnerable nuclear power plants are to electrical disruptions. Their analysis even addresses the many vulnerabilities of the "back-up" generators

Every nuclear power plant is like a land mine, ready to blow-up if the right pressure is applied.

And earthquakes, wind, rain and ice storms that knock out power are the right kinds of pressure to blow up nuclear power plants by causing outages.

The product of solar storms can also knock out power.

Learn about the Carrington Effect here:

We are entering a period of heightened solar activity.

NASA recently warned of upcoming increased solar activity

The Carrington Effect could result in nuclear plant meltdowns across vast areas impacted by power disruptions

In fact, we are looking at a possibility for a glancing electrical storm right now (hat tip Craig)

Here is an excellent link for an academic study of solar flares and nuclear plants (hat tip Jebus)

Nuclear power is not green, it is not cheap, and it is NOT SAFE.


  1. No generators...like the Minnesota Nuke Plant that had to shutdown emergency diesel generators because the outside air temperature was too hot. This just happened! Read about it on Potrblog: http://pissinontheroses.blogspot.com/2012/07/emergency-meltdown-generators-shutdown.html

  2. Load banks are to be kept in outer areas and are only to be used when there is a power cut. Nuclear power plant is definitely not the future.


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