Monday, July 2, 2012

Major Blow Out? It Ain't Fog

How long is this going to continue?

I'm becoming increasingly concerned about the sanity of our governments.

They need to fix this problem now before we destroy the viability for life in the northern hemisphere.


  1. Majia, you and I know that it will continue until the fuel burns out. There is no effort being made to stop it. Only effort made to keep the public from knowing about it.

    I'm not sure when our governments turned so irresponsible, but expecting them to all the sudden see the light is probably a fantasy.

    I think our extinction is pretty likely at this point. It will probably come within 100 years or so. If we don't get a domino meltdown in Japan or if we haven't gotten one already - then the next few meltdowns - probably in other countries will do the job.

    I've come to terms with it.

    We simply do not seem to be intelligent enough to listen to facts and govern ourselves effectively and stand up to these kinds of threats to our future. We've succumbed to fake "science" and spin as a way to guide us, rather than reality.

    It's OK, the universe is a big place. No doubt intelligent life kills itself off quite frequently - like ant colonies that build next to a stream and get wiped out when it rains.

    We are polluting only a tiny corner of the known universe. Unfortunately for us, it's the only place we have to live. . But the earth will go on without us. Perhaps the next form of intelligent life will be a bit more intelligent.


  2. This Japanese post states that the steam/smoke is coming from the common spent fuel pool, which of course contains an enormous amount of radioactivity.

  3. It wouldn't surprise me a bit, and if so, it's the most irresponsible thing - the most criminal thing - in the history of the world.

    The common spent fuel pool is a pool at ground level, with something like 6000 fuel assemblies in it. I wrote very early on that this pool should be defended at all costs.

    If any fuel could have been removed from Fukushima - this should have been. It wasn't difficult to get to. It wasn't as "hot" as the fuel up in the reactor building SFP's. It was easy to keep cool.

    If this pool caught fire - then there is no hope for nuclear power in this world - and perhaps it's not necessary to worry about it anyway. We have probably already sealed our Fate.


  4. It is possible that all the focus lately on spent pool #4 is meant to draw attention away from the common spent pool, which is much more dangerous.

  5. The Common SFP contains almost as much fuel as all the rest of the reactors and Reactor SFP's combined. So yeah, it's pretty dangerous.

    I'm quite certain they are trying to draw attention away from other areas rather than to SFP4. Not sure yet what the reasoning is behind the spin, but the fact that it's spin is unmistakable.

    Did you folks notice in the "event" on June 29 that several other fuel sources lit off in a sympathetic fashion? It was pretty easy to see once you looked a bit away from the horror that was obvious on the screen.


  6. Thank you for your comments James and Bobby1

    It just keeps getting worse and worse...


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