Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Will Daini Become to Hot to Inhabit?

Please, do not let Daini become so hot that people cannot stay there... (plea to all positive forces in the universe)

Daini was damaged during the quake and had an official evacuation zone into May. We really don't know anything about the stability of Daini. 

Now we learn that although Daini has radiation levels 16 to 33X what they were pre-3/1, they are lower inside the plant than outside:

July 4, 2012, Fukushima Watch: At Fukushima Daini, It’s Safer Inside Than Outside By Mitsuru Obe. Wall Street Journal
"At the Fukushima Daini nuclear power plant, it may be safer inside the reactor buildings than it is outside them.
•JRT, which went on a media tour of Daini on Wednesday, found that background radiation levels in the plant compound were around 0.5 to 1.0 microsieverts per hour — some 16 to 33 times higher than prior to the March 2011 accident.
Majia here: Note a description of one of the reactors there that is considered to be in cold shutdown: 
"But they [radiation readings] shot up inside the containment vessel to 6 microsieverts per hour near the pipes and valves where steam from the reactor goes through, and to 160 microsieverts per hour at the bottom part of the vessel, called the pedestal, which is right under the reactor...."
This is not looking good. As Fukshima gets hotter, Daini gets more radioactive. This is really quite terrifying.

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