Tuesday, July 24, 2012

US House Passes $608 Billion in Military Spending Bill

"House Passes $608 Billion Military Spending Bill" by Matt Southworth on 07/18/2012

[Excerpted] "This week, the House will begin to consider a bill, H.R. 5658, worth around $607.7 billion in funding for the Pentagon and U.S. war in Afghanistan—all for just one year. Some $519.2 billion is poised to be appropriated for the Pentagon’s “base budget” and some $88.5 billion for U.S. wars—a little known fact: there is $2.9 billion in funding for Operation New Dawn, also known as the war in Iraq...

...Earlier this year, the House debated and passed the fiscal year 2013 Defense Authorization bill (National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA). So what is the difference and why have two bills? The NDAA sets caps on spending, authorizes new programs and makes permanent law, whereas the Defense Appropriations bill is literally “money in the bank.” Without appropriations—by way of this bill, a continuing resolution (CR), omnibus, minibus or megabus—departments, including the Pentagon, do not have funding to operate.

MAJIA HERE: Sickening. The US war economy destroys lives abroad and at home and creates enemies.

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