Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Is Going On At Fukushima?

I'm near the completion point for my book on Fukushima.

Writing it has been challenging.

I think I have a pretty clear idea of what is going on at the plant based on news reports in the Japanese media reports, Internet-based alternative news, academic research and my personal webcam watching.

This is what I think is happening (roughly):

I've thought there was no one at the plant for a long time (others have thought the same).

I think workers go there only for absolutely critical tasks (who knows how that is decided) and for photo ops…

Most of the cranes are remotely activated.

I believe they are throwing fuel into the ocean.

It is the least expensive way of doing anything at all and it will effectively endanger the pacific coast of N. America (an area of the world very much involved in developing nuclear).

Someone mentioned that the fuel thrown into the ocean will be encased in concrete – some solution that is…

Apparently the rest will be allowed to fission away on the surface of the earth until exhausted….

The resources and know-how of many, many nations must be brought to bear on this problem.

But our leaders are corrupt and greedy so we will all be slowly poisoned. I don't know how badly.

The Challenge for Those Who Get It and Understand We Must Take Action:

It is very hard to make a data-driven argument to wake people up about the scope of the disaster because so little precise information is available about:

a. the true scope of the disaster (how many pools and reactors actually melted down and lost containment?)

b. the total amount of atmospheric releases and the expectations for continuance given emissions have persisted now for 17 months

c. the same for ocean releases

It is hard to wake people up if critical data are being hidden, even by your own government.

Too many people think there is no problem until government or a corporation tells them there is a life-threatening situation at hand.

Most people cannot see threats until they are in front of their faces. (It must be an evolutionary adaptive response to prioritize empirically immediate threats, sometimes irrationally...)

So, it is very difficult getting people to believe that Fukushima radiation exposure is a threat to their health when government and industry breath not a word
Once you have the data about the real level, scope, and expected duration of emissions, then you must duel with the shills over the dose-effect predictions of the ICRP, using the ECRP.

And I don't think the ECRP is broad enough…

Only the Chernobyl data will do and that data set has been made taboo.

So, the @$%#%^ responsible for this crime against humanity are able to hide the disaster from the sleeping public and complicate independent experts efforts to disclose the disaster so that pressure will be brought to bear for testing, mitigation, evacuation and remediation.

In Japan, testing results generated by the Japanese government and Tepco are not reliable, nor likely to be valid.

In the US no testing data have been made available unless conducted by independent scientists.

The ocean contamination is going to be unprecedented and who knows what the effects will be.


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