Saturday, July 14, 2012

US Nuclear Plant Dangers: Far Greater Problem than Previously Disclosed


US Nuclear Plant Problem Worse Than Thought By Agence France-Presse 13 July 12

[Excerpted] US nuclear regulators published an update on California's troubled San Onofre power plant Thursday, sparking an expert warning that the problem is more serious than first thought.

A reactor at the nuclear power plant near San Diego was shut down in January after a radiation leak, although the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said there was no danger to the public.
Investigations found unexpected erosion on tubes that carry radioactive water, and the entire plant was shut down, forcing Californian authorities to fire up alternative power generation facilities.

On Thursday, an update on the tube erosion, posted on an obscure part of the NRC's website, showed the situation had worsened.

"This reveals a far greater problem than has been previously disclosed, and raises serious questions about whether it is safe to restart either unit," said Daniel Hirsch, a nuclear expert at the University of California, Santa Cruz....

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  1. Cosmic 5%
    Terrestrial (soil) 3%
    Internal 5%
    Radon and Thoron 37%
    Medical (not nuclear medicine) 36%
    Nuclear Medicine 12%
    Consumer products and industrial 3%

    A real Nuke PRO presents data rather than insults and adhominems.

    Before Fuku "manmade sources" accounted for 50% of our dose, however 37% of the background dose was radon/thoron and that is controllable by simple means---down to 5% of the 37%
    or roughly 2%.
    In order then--"natural" 5+3+5+2=15 total
    add to 50 manmade =65%


    There is 400% more BS manmade crap poisoning us rather than "natural" and that was BEFORE Fukushima which is predicted to double the dose...with some very long lived nasties that target internal organs and bones. As opposed to external Alphas and Betas that are bad but not nearly as bad as the monsters the nukers have created to plague the human race, AND all the animals that we have appointed ourselves as the caretakers of.

    Shitty job, hang your head in shame nukers.

    Pie chart of the data here....makes it all very clear


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