Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fukushima Video

There has been a lot of crane activity at the Fukushima plant visible on the TBS-JNN webcam, but not the Tepco cam.

The visibility of the TBS video feed has been very poor.

Still, strange emissions and lights/sparks/reflections (?) have been visible.

Here is one video produced by ChasAha that uses filters to try and enhance visibility. It demonstrates the strange emissions, but not the lights

Earlier today I had a brief conversation with someone at Enenews who was posting about signs of radiation visible on another webcam that is located some distance from Fukushima. The plant is not actually visible from this view, but its general location is.

The person, Brainheart, described seeing radiation on the horizon in the location of Fukushima.

Here is what Brainheart wrote:

"These 2 webcams pan the sky for quite a distance and really shows where the sky is being radiated."

I looked at the video feed and was able to detect the location with strange looking atmospheric conditions (i.e., emissions?).

They resembled the filtered screen shots ChasAha posted previously from yet another webcam:
5 J

I cannot imagine what it must be like to live in Northern Japan right now.

The horror of watching these events on the webcam and the sense of betrayal must be engulfing.

I hope that the people of Japan continue their non-violent demonstrations against re-starting reactors and for transparency and accountability.

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