Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Incinerate Nuclear Waste???

Decontamination work begins in Fukushima Prefecture city amid concerns over incinerator plans

[excerpted] TAMURA, Fukushima -- Full-scale decontamination work under state jurisdiction began July 27 in the Miyakoji district in this Fukushima prefectural city of Tamura while an Environment Ministry plan to build a temporary incinerator is still up in the air due to opposition from local residents.

....But local residents are up in arms over the Environment Ministry's plan to install a temporary incinerator to burn decontaminated waste due to possible safety worries, and claim a briefing on the project was held only one month ago.
Majia Here: Why incinerate?:  

"Incineration does not destroy metals or reduce radioactivity of wastes"

Find out where the US incinerates nuclear waste here

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