Thursday, July 5, 2012

Is Unit 4 Pool (and Building) Gone?

Someone posted at Enenews that spent fuel pool #4 is now gone.

There is an inventory of videos available here:

These videos are not of high clarity so I cannot tell.

James I'm hoping you can decode them as you are definitely more skilled than I at that task

thank you Islandboy9 for posting this.


  1. It's not gone.

    It's still there. They just took off the top 50 feet of the 150 foot tall building, down to the reactor floor level - which is the top of the SFP. Everything above that was open space for the crane to operate in, so they haven't really lost anything.

    Because they keep pushing the foreground up, you can't see nearly down to the ground anymore.

    It's probably a smart thing that they cut the upper structure off - the top structure of the building was simply in the way.

    I'm worried now that they've had to abandon the facility. The cranes are remote control, so they can move them around and not do anything and it looks like someone is there - they do this quite frequently.

    I'm also worried about whatever is still left in the pool on the other side of the reactor core from the SFP4. I'm pretty convinced that must have been the MOX store -and that's where the explosions came from. You could clearly see it lighting off in that video from June 30th.


    P.S. I tried to respond to this question at Enenews, as well as one last week. Admin has my ID set on "awaiting moderation" and then never releases them - so I sent a message telling him/her to either ban me or let me go, but I won't go back unless he let's me comment unheeded.

  2. Thankyou for your continued efforts to brief us on whats going on . It seems the blackout of information is spreading accross the globe.
    Also im so glad they arent waiting for another earthquake/tsunami to get the work started on the fragile plant at Fukashima . The Hero"s are the Fukashima citizens who have lost so much from the earthquake /tsunami and continued meltdown of the reactors . Dont know if i could handle all that drama in a lifetime . thoughts and prayers go out to them and you .


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