Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trying to Post Power Points on Fukushima and Radiation

I have 3 powerpoints but I have to figure out how to post them.

I think I can do it through Academia.Edu

I've posted (hopefully accessible) my first power point, which provides background information about radiation and human health AND addresses the Fukushima plant disaster in the first four months.

I have second and third powerpoints that will go up also when I am sure this works and I have time to post them.

The second one covers the current admission by Tepco that Fukushima is still fissioning.

Tepco only admits this now, Nov 1 after months of fissioning because the radiation levels are rising so much.

And it is possible that an explosion is imminent.

However, a number of people point out that radiation levels rising from microsieverts to millisieverts in such a short time means that even without an explosion we're going to be subject to higher and potentially still higher radiation.

What happens to life under those conditions?

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