Saturday, November 19, 2011

Japan Food Safety Response

Hamada, N. & Ogino, H. (2011). Food safety regulations: what we learned from the Fukushima nuclear accident. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity,  (this is a pre-publication)

Majia here: This study examines the food safety regulations implemented in Japan after the Fukushima emergencies. The article does not address the lack of national food testing services. I think the most significant conclusion of the article is the observation that the specific food exposure levels set by the Japanese government did not account for ‘multiple exposure pathways’  

From the future perspectives part of the journal article page 13

"...superimposed exposure scenarios via multiple exposure pathways should be considered when applying RL prospectively for planning of protection strategies and also retrospectively as a benchmark to judge the effectiveness of these implementations.

"Possible exposure pathways may involve external exposure from radionuclides deposited in soil, internal exposure from inhalation of resuspended radionuclides, and that from ingestion of contaminated soil (especially by children), and contaminated food irrespective of whether or not levels are exceeded. Radiation doses should be kept as low as reasonably achievable...."


Fukushima to reexamine rice / Onami discovery leads to rethink, but inspection facilities lacking"

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