Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where are the Superheroes?

Yesterday I posted a link for Fukushima Diary's translation of comments made by the engineer of reactor #3 at Fukushima.

Enenews also ran the story and used Babblefish to translate his comments.

A comment made by IReallyAmARocketScientist at Enenews was instructive:

"More precisely, I think what can be expected is a blend of hydrovolcanic and phreatomagmatic eruption. phreatomagmatic eruptions are characterized by violent steam explosions that lasts as long as ground water can come into contact with magma, which, in this case, is/are the corium(s). With the highly radioactive steam venting from surface fissures at Fukushima, it seems that we are already beginning the run up to such an explosion." 

I hope that the perceived lack of collaborative action on Fukushima by the world's nuclear engineers and physicists is simply an illusion and that as I write an international team of experts is working on a solution.

Where are the superheroes? 

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