Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WSJ: Brazil Intensifies Pressure on Chevron Over Oil Spill

Published in the Wall Street Journal 11/23/2011 B3 by D. Gilbert and F. Fick

[Excerpted] "Brazilian officials are sharpening their criticism of Chevron Corp. and suggesting the company could lose its license to drill in the country's deepest waters because of an oil spill it admits causing earlier this month.

Magda Chambriard, director of Brazil's National Petroleum Agency, said during a press conference on Monday that Chevron 'acted in complete violation of its concession contract and Brazilian law.'

Officials said the company was unprepared to respond to the spill and accuse it of editing video images of the oil seeping from the ocean floor, which Chevron denies doing"

Majia Here: It sounds as if Chevron is copying BP's playbook, including editing video footage and failing to prevent accidents (and prepare for their cleanup).

The article also reports Chevron claims that oil seeping through the ocean floor has "been declining."

Wow. That sounds exactly like BP.

The oil companies are corrupt and arrogant beyond belief but the bigger problem is that we are not investing in the types of sustainable energy that will allow us to transition away from carbon and nuclear to energy sources that do not destroy our oceans, our fresh water, and our health.

We have stepped off the cliff. I hope there are some branches to grab before we are lost in the abyss.

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