Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Highs and New Lows

Phoenix hit a radiation high today according to the EPA's radnet data.

This tops 8 plus months of on-and off-exposure to fallout, dependent upon the whims of the jet stream.

Our radiological burden has grown very significantly and very rapidly.

Is it now starting to cause visible symptoms?

Many people I have spoken to recently have low-level symptoms that could be viral or could be radiation, including my family and my students.

They report no typical constellation of signs associated with viral and bacterial illnesses. 

People's throats feel scratchy, people feel run down, and many people have problems with headaches.

Yet, with all these symptoms people are not having excess mucus or sinus congestion. 

They also report no fever.

Bacterial infections cause fevers. Viral infections don't always cause fevers. However, viral infections do cause excess mucus if respiratory and it is unusual, in my experience, to have a scratchy throat with a viral infection in the g.i. system (e.g., stomach flu).

Again: Are we now at visible symptoms of radiation exposure in Phoenix? 

Are new highs testing bodies now carrying heavy radiological burdens?

Will our health be brought to new lows?

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