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The Lie: "Radiation levels in Fukushima are lower than predicted" published by the New Scientist

The Truth: Levels are actually much higher than predicted because the Japanese government and Tepco have lied over and over again about how much was released and their estimates keep getting larger.

The most insulting lie in this New Science article is the claim that geiger counters can measure with accuracy human exposure to radiation.

I've read that geiger counters cannot even adequately measure food products' level of radiation contamination and are not effective at all at detecting the quantity of alpha particles.

I know for a fact that many people in Fukushima have had dangerous internal levels of exposure to radiation. 

I'll provide some data below.

But first I would like to remind readers of a research study I commented upon a few days back that found that adults' exposure to 10 millisieverts of radiation increases cancer rates by 3% within 5 years! Here is the link to the study and below that the link to my post about it

Majia Here: Now here is an excerpt from one of my essays with citations.

The children of Fukushima prefecture have in fact been poisoned. The tragically named Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation took samples from 10 elementary through high-school children.[i] Analysis ran by an independent French research organization detected cesium-134, of up to 1.13 becquerels per liter in their urine. The un-named organization stated that children living 60 kilometers from the plant suffer from internal radiation exposure. When reporting on this news, the Japanese news agency NHK reassured readers that “The Japanese non-profit Radiation Effects Research Foundation says no health problems due to such radiation levels have been reported, and that people should not be overly concerned.”[ii]
Likewise, on July 6 the Japanese press Kyodo reported that in a March survey of 1,080 children aged 0 to 15 in Iwaki, Kawamata, and Iitate 45% of kids in Fukushima survey had thyroid exposure to radiation[iii] In August, NHK reported that Japan’s nuclear commission had erased children’s exposure data derived from a test of 1,000 children aged 15 or younger who had been screened for radiation affecting their thyroid.[iv] The report stated that one four year old child had a thyroid exposure of 35 millisieverts, but that the amount was “not considered a health threat.” This exposure level accounts only for Iodine-131 and does not incorporate the child’s total exposure to other radionuclides.
Based on these levels of exposure, June 24, Dr. Chris Busby, an internationally recognized expert on the health effects of ionizing radiation and chair of the European Committee on Radiation Risks, issued a public statement recommending evacuation of all people, but particularly children and pregnant women:
children and adults living in areas which are contaminated to the extent that the external gamma dose rate at 1m from the contamination surface exceeds 1? Sv per hour should immediately relocate to an uncontaminated area. The continued presence of children in areas where greater than this level of external dose rate exists will have a serious health problems and these may lead to their deaths within the following ten years. Exposure of pregnant mothers to contamination at levels resulting in an excess dose rate at 1m from the ground of 1? Sv per hour [sic] will have a significant effect on the viability of the fetus and the survival and health of the baby.[v]
Busby’s recommendation was ignored by Japan’s political authorities.

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