Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fukushima Webcam and Fukushima Unknowns

Early tonight (in AZ) 11/23 there were strange lights visible on the Fukushima Webcam. 

There was a blue glow seeming to emanate from unit 1 and there appeared to be a beam of light emanating from the same general vicinity as the blue light.

Others at Enenews saw the lights as well. See the discussion here 

No one knows what they represent but viewers who watched the cam said they did not think it was lens glare based on the length of time the lights were visible and the rotation of the sun during that time. That was my impression as well.
But, then again, who knows what is real at Fukushima anymore, other than the shaking of the earth, which provides clear evidence for the camera to record.

Here is a link of the 5.9 earthquake today at Fukushima
(hat tip nuckelchen)

I think everyone who follows Fukushima news is particularly on edge after the last few days of news from Fukushima Diary.

The latest was the report (albeit unconfirmed) that Tepco contract workers are being let go since there is nothing more that can be done at Fukushima (in addition to cost cutting that was reported previously by Fukushima Diary)

This news comes after Fukushima Diary translated comments made by the architect of unit 3. Even in the absence of an explosion, it is clear that radiation continues to be emitted daily and some finds its way to the US as evident by radnet data

I really don't know what to think.

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