Monday, November 21, 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Chain Reaction or "Prompt Criticality" Possible?

Enenews has a 3 minute clip from Dr. Helen Caldicott's interview with Dr. Ian Fairlie on the possibility of prompt criticality at Fukushima.

Listen to the entire interview here:

Prompt criticality could result in a nuclear explosion. (Read about the different forms of criticality here:

We, the general public, don't know that this will happen at Fukushima

Tepco may know the likelihood, but they are not sharing that information with the people

We do know that unit 1 has massive radiation spikes, but we don't know if there is enough fuel pooled tightly enough to create an unabated nuclear chain reaction

Let us hope that will not happen.

But what about constant on and then off again fissioning? 

What are the consequences for us if that continues unabated (and by us I mean everyone in its pathways)?????

I find it alarming that there is such quiet from environmental groups. Why aren't they explaining the situation to their publics? Is it because their scientists see no worry? 

I don't think so. If that was the case, scientists would be speaking publicly about the levels of risk.

 Why? Is it because people are afraid to speak out? If so, why? Do they fear reprisals?

It is strange and rather scary.

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