Monday, November 7, 2011

Japan's Energy Policy Post-Fukushima

Fallout From the Fukushima Shock: Japan’s Emerging Energy Policy
Andrew DeWit in the Asia Pacific Journal

[excerpted] "Fukushima has transformed the Japanese public’s resigned acceptance of nuclear power into strong opposition. The most recent public opinion poll, released by the national broadcaster NHK on November 4, indicates that about 70% of respondents want reduced reliance on, or even a complete withdrawal from, nuclear power.

And 86% are worried by the prospect of restarting any of the 43 out of 55 reactors currently offline due to maintenance schedules or technical problems. This poll result confirms a trend from the spring, when the scale of the Fukushima Shock became clear even as the central government’s political and bureaucratic elite’s coddling of the nuclear village continued...

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