Sunday, November 27, 2011

Potrblog: 55X Greater Than Background Radiation in 11/26 St Louis


Potrblog writes:

"Prior to August 2011 this would have qualified as one of the highest readings we ever had; but after the corium hit ground water in August, we have had readings over 276 times greater than background"

Majia: Potrblog suggests that this 55X background may be the leading edge of a front that includes radiation fallout amplified by the recent 5.9 and 6.1 earthquakes.

A Enenews reader who follows the jet stream carefully notes that for the last week or so the jet stream has been directly over northern Japan. That means radiation releases lofted high will soon be blanketing those areas of the northern hemisphere under the stream.

Based on recent events at the plant, including Tepco's decision to layoff contract workers and the strange anomalies noted on the webcam, I anticipate that radiation levels could be quite high indeed within and below the great conveyer belt in the sky.

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