Monday, November 14, 2011

Xenon Gas and Lethal Doses by Inhalation

(this site is in French so I used google translate)

The AIPR or International Association for the Protection Against Ionizing Radiation posted this on Nov 4 (please note it is translated from the French)

"The program "semi formalized" in Fukushima of 1.67 E19 Bq 133 Xe gas have meant the spread of 2.411 kg. This emission is equivalent in terms of internal radiation lung 400.8 million in potentially lethal doses by inhalation. As shown, 2.4 kg of material having the power to kill only transient 400 million people, the Xenon 133 is classified as very low radiotoxic. It's not beautiful science!

"The Xe 133 has a half-life of 5.244 days. It decreases in beta mode with a decay constant of 1.52985 s-1 E-6. (Ln (2) / T1 / 2 ie 0.693147 / 5.244 * 24 * 60 * 60 = 1.52985 E-6. ) The specific activity of E15 6.9271 Bq / g E05 Ci/gr.- -1.872 (6.0221415 E 23 / ​​133 * 1.5299 = 6.9271 E-06 E15 Bq / gr.) The inhalation dose factor is of 1.20 E-10 Sv / Bq.  
A lethal dose by inhalation of 5 Sievert E-06 weighs 6.02 gr. (6, o2 micrograms), E10 is 4.17 Bq. One gram of 133 Xe has provided 166,249 potentially lethal doses. Fukushima has released about 2411 grams of the radioactive element has so far scattered in the environment the innocent and very low radiotoxic equivalent of 400.8 million lethal doses."
Hat tip PureWater at Enenenws
The Enenews post where PureWater posted the link concerns rising radiation in Japan, as discussed by Arnie Gunderson on Helen Caldicott's show If You Love This Planet 


  1. The « half- official » excursion at Fukushima of 1,67E19 Bq of Xe133 gas means the dispersion of 2,411 kg of this gas. This excursion is equivalent in term of internal radioprotection at 400,8 millions potential lethal by inhalation. As we can see, 2,4 kg of matter having the transitory power of killing only 400 millions persons, the Xenon 133 is classified as as very low radiotoxic. It's not beautiful science!



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