Saturday, January 14, 2012

Very Good Illustration of Radiation Emissions at Fukushima

I believe this link was provided by Heart of the Rose at Enenews but I've lost the link now.

Someone who lives in Oregon was testing using her geiger counter tonight and her geiger counter registered in the red at 1.40 microsieverts an hour

Here is a clearer shot of the counter reading 1.17 microsieverts an hour

This individual has been testing for months and her opinion has been consistently measured and objective.

here is the Enenews thread where she posted

I believe that conditions at the plant are deteriorating still further, as evident by the frequent earthquakes in the immediate vicinity of the plant, the condition of reactors 3 and 4 (deteriorating visibly), dying plant workers, the spiking radiation measured in Fukushima prefecture, etc, etc.
The heroic plant workers are dying so perhaps others will not...

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