Thursday, January 19, 2012

Documenting Fallout

"Cesium is stocked 1.3 times more in unborn baby than mother from the study of cattle in Fukushima"

[excerpted] "Prof. Hashimoto Manabu from Institute of development, aging and cancer in Tohoku University confirmed cesium is stocked 1.3 times more in unborn baby than mother from the study of stray cattle in Fukushima..."

Majia Here: This study of cows is significant for everyone impacted by Fukushima fallout. 

Recently I spoke to an academic researcher who specializes in chemical air pollution. I told him I was interested in learning how to document definitively that Fukushima fallout is reaching the US in significant amounts.

I've mostly relied on data from Phoenix. The EPA told me Phoenix's beta spikes were from naturally occurring radon.

S/he, Dr. X, stated that Phoenix's beta spikes are not likely to be from naturally derived radon because of the atmospherics of radon's dispersion.

Dr. X suggested that Oregon is a very good source for data on accumulating radiation because the state has low-levels ordinarily and its marine layer tends to strip contaminants out of the air so the air is cleaner than that found in most cities.

Dr. X's comments heighten the significance of the findings posted by Bobby1 that I re-posted here (Oregon's Jan 2012 beta average is 4X March 2011's average):

Dr. X's recommendation was to go back and do historical comparisons with the same months last year.

I've already done these type of comparisons for Phoenix and have noted that the sheer number of high beta peaks has grown substantially, especially this winter and especially in December.

However, the data do show that Phoenix has had high peaks in the past, just not so frequently as now.

Dr X stated that the reason Phoenix is prone to peaks is the dust storms, which stir up decades of accumulated radiation-contaminated dust going back to the days of atmospheric testing. Palo Verde probably also contributes to these peaks but we did not discuss that.

Oregon doesn't have this type of dust pattern (on top of having less sources of radiation) so the data are less noisy and easier to run comparisons on.

I think that the vast amount of people collaborating on revealing the truth is beginning to shed light on an ongoing disaster that many in power would prefer to remain largely invisible.

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