Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Night on the Fukushima Webcam...

I was watching through this cam

I saw unmistakeable fire at the base of unit #3.

The fire glowed yellow and occasionally flames were distinguishable.

Commentators at Enenews believe the fires around 3 may be from the fuel rods that were dispersed in that unit's massive explosion.

There also seems to be fires near unit 4.

Today Enenews and Fukushima Diary are reporting a significant cesium spike in Fukushima:

We are in unprecedented territory as the melt-throughs continue.

The status of the spent fuel pool in unit 4 is not clear; although many commentators believe it is on the verge of collapsing, if it has not already collapsed.

How much radiation can be released by this mega-disaster and what are the consequences going to be from this unprecedented and apparently unmitigated catastrophe?

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  1. Hello, Majia,
    I suspect during times of increased activity, our beloved enenews bulletin board, that allows us to commiserate and console each other, and the only rock "we" have, is no longer allowing us to see comments real time..

    Don't know about you Majia...but my comments, on the camera thread would not show up. I had to go outside thread to get any comment to show on the latest comment scoll..

    ...and today, I see you were commenting to me. I kept jumping up and down wondering why no one was responding..

    just sharing my experience last night, and I posted the same to cam thread.

    Thought you should know.


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