Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Radiation that Makes You Fade away...

Below find a comment I read at Ex-SKF blog. I found it worth re-posting. 

The comment was made in a discussion about why the Japanese do not rise up and demand that their government seize Tepco and TAKE CONTROL of the Fukushima situation to protect the people of Japan.

Many people think that the Japanese are simply too conformist.

I have to tell you that by watching the people in my surroundings, I've concluded Americans are just as conformist, in their own way.

Maybe that is the nature of most societies: people conform to expectations even when there are risks because those risks tend to be trivialized or ignored by "opinion leaders." 

And most opinion leaders today are selected by advertisers and public relations agents, rather than rising organically.

It probably takes time and indisputable evidence before activists (many found on the web!) can move popular opinion, especially when authorities deny activist claims.

Real resistance is going to be difficult if this comment below, found posted at Ex-SKF, is accurate. 

Do people in your environment seem exhausted?

Anonymous said...
The problem is that this kind of internal radiation slowly saps your strength until you have none left. It makes it nearly impossible to protest your fate.

You just fade away.

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