Monday, January 23, 2012

Mysterious Missing Videos and Internet Sites

Months ago I posted a video from a distinguished, very senior Japanese doctor about the effects of radiation and the cover-up of the Fukushima disaster.

An Australian blogger, Australian Cannoball, had posted the video here

Today, although multiple listings appear for Australian Cannonball, I am unable to access the site on any of my web browsers.

Furthermore, I cannot find any evidence of the video when I search by the esteemed doctor's name using google videos and youtube.

My guess is someone (that is, some government) does not want people to hear what the doctor has to say about Fukushima.

Has Australian Cannonball also been censored? He had assembled an excellent collection of videos on the Fukushima disaster.

The missing video by Dr. Hida was especially powerful and I am very troubled by its removal from the Internet.

Censorship is evidence that our worst fears are grounded in truths and that our governments will hide such truths indefinitely (more evidence on that available here

Today Mainichi has an article about the esteemed doctor and his continued activism. At least we can see that he is still struggling for recognition of the perils of this disaster and others despite censorship by tyrants:

Bomb survivor doctor continues to speak up about significance of internal exposure. Mainichi

[excerpted]"Internal radiation exposure has been around since the Hiroshima/Nagasaki days," said 95-year-old doctor Shuntaro Hida. He has treated over 6,000 patients with bura-bura disease, a kind of fatigue seen among A-bomb survivors, and is himself a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing. His voice carried well inside the Yokohama auditorium where he was giving a lecture titled "The Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant Incident and Internal Radiation Exposure."

"People who weren't in Hiroshima or Nagasaki when the bombs fell, but went there a few days later searching for family members died mysteriously," he said. Though Hida usually walks with a cane, his speech was an impassioned one that he gave for two hours on his feet....

read the story at the link above

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