Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Low Level Radiation: What it Does to You...

Bobby1 at Enenews posted an interesting analysis of Corvallis, Oregon gross beta count levels:
Average by month:
Mar 2011 20.6
Apr 19.2
May 18.1
Jun 24.1
Jul 30.1
Aug 35.5
Sep 52.0
Oct 48.5
Nov 42.5
Dec 63.2
Jan 2012 84.5

Majia here: Note that January of 2012 was 4X the March 2011 average when Fukushima blew.

Bobby1 provides us more evidence that average radiation levels are going up in the US and that we are being exposed to levels that are high compared to our pre-Fukushima "typical" exposure levels.

I've seen the same trend in Phoenix and other cities in the US. I'm sure the same holds for Canada (but data are not available).

I cannot imagine what is happening in Japan. I'm so sorry for the people there. I wish I could help.

We (some more than others) are now being exposed to increased and persistent levels of ionizing radiation, including radionuclides that are not found in nature. 

Fukushima radiation is accumulating and the plant is still spewing.

The level accumulating in our environment is low only when compared to a nuclear bomb detonating right over our heads.

Low level radiation does not just cause cancer.

Low level radiation weakens the body, particularly if radionuclides are inhaled or ingested.

Radionuclides in the body cause damage to DNA and RNA. The body has to repair damaged DNA/RNA.

Your body can become overwhelmed if ingested or inhaled radionuclides continuously bombard your body with gamma rays and electrons as the radionuclides decay.

Each of us has distinct vulnerabilities based on our age, our gender, our general standard of health, and a variety of other variables.

Under the best of conditions, lack of adequate nutrition can undermine your body's ability to repair damage caused by "normal" background radiation and other environmental contaminants.

Under the best of conditions, lack of adequate sleep can undermine your body's ability to repair damaged caused by "normal" background radiation and other environmental contaminants.

If your health is not optimal, you may begin  to feel effects if your exposure to this ionizing radiation is prolonged.
Now is a good time to improve your diet, increase your sleep, and limit or stop activities like smoking.

Over the last 3 weeks I've lost a LOT of hair (evident in my vacuum cleaner roller), 1/2 of two fingernails (thumb nails), and have had 2 crowns literally fall out of my mouth (and had a 3rd repaired because of a new crack).

I can only hope that these events are coincidental and do not derive from some ongoing assault against my health....


  1. You are helping Japan, even if indirectly at first.

  2. Majia,
    Please take care of yourself. Your inquisitive mind and crical thinking are much needed.


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