Monday, January 9, 2012

The Nightmare Worsens...

Enenews: "Just In: Fukushima *DAINI* reactor has broken containment vessel, says Tokyo Professor — Probably caused by quake, not tsunami

[Blogger Ex-SKF translated this story first, drawing upon Information from Iwakami Yasumi's USTREAM channel netcasting the workshop of an Osaka citizens' group "Kansai network to stop the disaster-debris acceptance" with a panel of experts including European experts]

Fukushima Diary: Fall-out in Fukushima is increasing again

Majia here: In the midst of this insanity, at least some semblance of reason is beginning to emerge in the mainstream Japanese press:
Mainichi Perspective: "Resuming nuclear plant operations "once their safety is confirmed" is not the straightforward path that it may appear to be, either, for a safe method of operating nuclear reactors has yet to be established..."


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