Friday, January 27, 2012

Potrblog: Sample 26X Background Radiation

I know some people are wary of Potrblog's readings because they have been so high but I have admired their willingess to post their data and methodology for public review.

Tepco has acknowledged that radiation emissions from the Fukushima plant are now higher than they were in December and yet the radnet readings have not demonstrated higher levels.

My unsubstantiated hunch is radnet is now actively censoring because my area was under the jet stream over the last few days but did not readings above 300cpm beta. In December we had levels in my area of up to 850cpm beta. 

Potrblog's results are what I would expect given increased radiation emissions from the plant, especially when coupled with the fires that have been spotted by numerous observers on the two webcams focused from different viewpoints.


  1. I did get that one bump after the Jan. 1 quake, but I am back to 1.5 times normal here, or about .17 mcSv average around the place. Seeing as how some people say all of certain reactors are burning to the ground, I try to be open minded and keep watching for evidence of it here, but so far, nada.

    North and south of me I saw a number of 40+ CPM readings at the time I had my scare, and those places are back up into the 30s, so I'll continue watching those as well. Be well.

  2. Risa

    Did you see my post about the conversation with an environmental chemist about Oregon air?

    He said the state has some of the least radiation in the country because it has few commercial sources and because the marine layer scrubs most chemicals and radioactive dust out.

    So, he said that any demonstrable increase in an area like Corvallis would be highly significant.

    1.5 Times Normal is significant, I'm sure.


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