Sunday, January 29, 2012

OWS Update: New Violence Against Protesters

Washington's blog covers the story

Why are police responding so violently?

I believe the police brutality stems from a deliberate policy aimed at militarizing police in order to crush long-anticipated civil unrest.

Police have been trained to regard civil demonstrations as low level "terrorism."

Police have been trained to respond using military techniques, especially repressive apparatuses and strategies.

Civil unrest was expected in response to the crushing economic impact of a great recession brought on by greed and corruption.

A 30-something year old man today makes less than his father did, on average.

College graduates may find employment in retail, restaurants, or call centers; however, most of the recent college graduates I know are having a very hard time finding a professional job with any opportunity for advancement.

Fewer and fewer people have access to employer sponsored health insurance and retirement.

Foreclosures continue to occur even when people haven't missed any mortgage payments!

People are outraged by the lack of reform and the still-collapsing economy.

I believe the violence we saw against PEACEFUL student demonstrators at UC Berkeley and UC Davis was deliberately designed to CRUSH any further college demonstrations.

Middle-America might consider showing up themselves at a demonstration if they see their sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren peacefully demonstrating against their dispossession at universities across the country.

The violence is being tolerated by higher-ups because a message is being sent.

America needs to find the strength to send a message back about its voice, agency, rights and interests using NON-VIOLENT means.

Any response using violence will bring out the full power of the fascist state.

You will find background on these developments and sources supporting my contention at my post here:

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