Sunday, January 22, 2012

Disposable Subjects

Documentary examines how toxic water at the nation’s largest Marine base damaged lives. By Darryl Fears Jan 21, 2012 Washington Post.

Majia here: The article examines the story behind “Semper Fi,” a documentary addressing water contamination on a Marine base that killed and sickened many, many people over decades.

This is a story of lies and deception as the Marine Corp. knowingly dumped toxic chemicals, which leached into groundwater, contaminating a well. The corp also failed to maintain underground tanks, which also leaked contaminants, thereby further polluting the base’s water source.

[Excerpted] “A congressional hearing in 2007 revealed that the camp ignored a directive from the Navy to inspect its water systems for possible contamination and to develop a protocol for the safe disposal of hazardous compounds…

Camp Lejeune failed to study the health risks of its water after toxic compounds were discovered in the early 1980s, and did not notify Marines and their families. Up to a million people who rotated in and out of the base from the late 1950s to the late 1980s relied on the water to drink and bathe...

During four years of filming that ended last year, the two men heard mention of a cemetery near Camp Lejeune where hundreds of sick and malformed babies were interred.

“I don’t think any of us believed it existed,” said Rachel Libert, an independent documentary filmmaker who co-directed “Semper Fi” with Tony Hardmon, a veteran cinematographer. Seeing it “was . . . very weird,” she said. “It was a graphic representation of the issue to see all these graves.

Majia here: The cemetery eventually held more than 700 graves.

Infants were not the only victims as children and adults developed cancer and other diseases.

This documentary demonstrates exactly how much value the Marines Corp. accords to its subjects.

The marines are not alone. Military bases in the US and abroad are notoriously contaminated spaces.

Pentagon Pollution
Military pollution

"The US Military is responsible for generation of over one-third of the county's toxic waste. Millions of acres of US Military property are being environmentally cleared for transfer to local communties. These environmental clearances are often completed with a total disregard for human health and the environment."

Overcoming American Military Base Pollution in Asia: Japan, Okinawa, Philippines

Military Pollution:The Quintessential Universal Soldier by Lucinda Marshall Published on Sunday, March 27, 2005 by

Majia here: If the US military is willing to allow its personnel to be poisoned, one can only imagine the degree to which US civilian populations are considered to be disposable.



  1. We know for a fact that tens of tons of uranium was launched and aerosolized, mostly from reactor 3 explosion. And we know that reactor 3 used MOX fuel which is uranium mixed with plutonium. And we know that all used fuel contains plutonium.

    We know that at LEAST hundreds of pounds of plutonium were launched and aerosolized from Fukushima (Island of Dreams).

    The proof is laid out quite clearly here.

  2. The disregard for public health becomes less shocking with every story that surfaces about how the government or those working for them are willing to make so many of their own innocents into collateral damage.

    Here is a story that ran today in The Chicago Tribune Newspaper about waste left over from the atomic area in the suburbs of Chicago and its status as a Superfund cleanup site.

    It is a two page story, don't miss second page.,0,7164174.story?page=2

  3. Also, posted this on ENENEWS Discussion Forum

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