Friday, January 5, 2018

World's Oceans Imperilled So "Drill Baby, Drill!"


Today's headlines highlight two critical facts:

1. The oceans are the main source of oxygen on earth

2. Oxygen levels in the oceans are dropping alarmingly
Mindy Weisberger (January 4, 2018). The Ocean Is Suffocating, and It's Our Fault. Livescience,
A team of scientists from the Global Ocean Oxygen Network, a group formed by the United Nation's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission in 2016, conducted the investigation, and they found that the toll on Earth's oceans has been significant.

Over the past 50 years, the ocean suffered a loss of about 85 billion tons (77 billion metric tons) of oxygen, affecting an accumulated area approximately the size of the European Union. Globally, the amount of zero-oxygen ocean water has quadrupled, while the area occupied by low-oxygen zones has increased by 10 times, the researchers discovered. In coastal areas and seas that are semi-enclosed, once low-oxygen conditions are established, they can persist for thousands of years, according to the study.

In this blog I've argued strongly that dead zones from fertilizer and global warming alone do not explain the recent escalation of distress signs from marine environments.

Decades of deliberate and accidental radioactive contamination from sources as varied as atmospheric testing, sunken nuclear submarines, and dumping of radioactive medical waste are never, ever mentioned as contributing to ocean degradation.

Fukushima isn't mentioned AT ALL despite its unprecedented and ongoing assault against the Pacific Ocean. Recent research has found that radioistopes concentrate in brackish waters on the beach, poisoning tidal life:

Scientists find new source of radioactivity from Fukushima disaster
October 2, 2017, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Virginie Sanial el al., "Unexpected source of Fukushima-derived radiocesium to the coastal ocean of Japan," PNAS (2017).

Fukushima is in my opinion the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. But I would modify the proverb so that Fukushima represented a bale rather than a single straw.

Marine life - upon which we depend for the oxygen we breath as well as the food we consume - is imperiled and yet rather than confront and address underlying causes, our governments act to ESCALATE the 6th mass extinction event we've engineered (see Elizabeth Kolbert's prize winning account


Too many of the world's leaders have written off humanity's future. For them, its all about the getting while the getting is good.

The Trump administration is an unprecedented example.

The Trump administration is proposing opening up "NEARLY ALL of the country's offshore areas for oil and gas drilling" [90 percent of offshore areas]:
Timothy Puko and Lynn Cook (2018, January 5). US Reveals Oil Drilling Plan for Nation's Coasts. The Wall Street Journal [print edition] A1, A2.
ESCALATING THE INSANITY are proposed LOOSENED oil-drilling rules:

Ted Mann (2018, January 2). Proposed Oil-Drigging Rules Raise Question on Agency's Role. The Wall Street Journal [print edition] B3.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEF) published the proposed revisions to "a production safety rule that was passed after the [BP oil] disaster.... The proposed changes put the agency in the role of promoting private interests in drilling... Former industry regulators, however, are expressing concerns."

The Mann article explains that the BSEF was one of the reforms to the Interior Department made after the BP oil spill, including dividing responsibilities so as to prevent conflicts in interests deriving from the old model where safety regulation and leasing were conducted by the same agency.

So, the new rules PROMOTE REGULATORY CAPTURE in addition to representing unprecedented exploitation.

Additionally, the article notes that the BSEF proposal also undermines safety by relaxing requirements for "backup plans in place for so-called blowout preventers, which seal off a well-pipe in the event of an accident."

If this isn't nihilism, I don't know what is.


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  1. The Chinese are mandating all electric vehicles. So some are not nihilists. 

    I think Trump is an evil-stupid man. He has a known history of criminality, failure, and greed. Semi-literate.   He has lived in a bubble in the most toxic city, on earth, his whole life. Very many creepy stupid, entightled monkeys , like him.  It is hard to say what Putin is about. Some say he is asberhers, like Bill Gates and has some twisted rationalizations for his psychosis. Abe is like a heroin addict. Him and the Japanese think that if they can just keep their delusion going a little longer, Japan will emerge from the adversity, stronger than before.

    There really are religious idiots who believe destroying the world, is acceptable and the lord will come. Not necessarily, nihilists.  CHRISTIAN NIHILISTS 

    The military monkeys, are one-tracked evil monkeys of a different breed. They are bred for apopocalyse. Would be good to end their lineage.

    Never before have there been such extreme saturation of the most poisonous manmade radionuclides in large areas in the world. 

    A previous commenter says the deaths in Japan are much higher than we are lead to believe.  Denial, suppression, enabling, lying, propaganda.  

    Many people who have grown up in the worst nuclear contaminated country in the world, the United States, know.  Those of us his with double or triple whammys, know the real morbidity qnd mortality numbers. Small and medium towns, with uranium mills right in the middle of town, that werehit by fallout from open air bomb testing in nevada, and, underground testing that effected their drinking water know. Some towns wven had nuclear waste fracked into the ground by them by haliburton in the 60s.  We have seen the whole 9 yards dense cancer cluster,  multiple, multiple genotoxic teratogenicity for 3 generations with many birth defects and genetic illnesses.  Chronic radionuclide related diseases like diabetes, slow prostate cancers, everyone in town on thyroid.   4 or 6 multiple generation families wiped out from lung cancers where no one smoked. Multiple thyroid cancers. We know how bad Japan is. I could write a detailed epidemiological book about it, for a few towns in the west. The powers that be, would still suppress it.

  2. Listen to Lonnie Eugene's, current podcast with Noel. Even Noel, who is one of the wisest among us, cannot accept what has happened in japan. The saturation of east Japan with unprecedented amounts of radionuclides from a reactor explosions and a fuel pool fire. The saturation of eastern Japan with Cesium137/134, strontium 90, cobalt 60, plutonium, uranium, tritium, iodine 131 and 193 other radionuclide that are lethal in the ranges of billionths radionuclide/gram.
    Never happened before. 85 percent of the children in Belarus have heart defects from cesium 137 at 40bq/kg, yet Marco kaltofen Jas found cesium137/134 at 900bq/kg from a house filter as far south as Tokyo and 1100bq/kg farther southeast in Yokohama.
    NOTHING LIKE THIS HAS EVER OCCURED! I saw a Japanese video from the 50s. The video was with birds in a cage exposed to a small pellet of cobalt 60in a closed room. The birds keeled over in 10 minites.  
    Iridium, cobalt 60, cesium134 are hi beta gamma emmitters, about the same kill potential. Used in gamma knives and to radiograph the hulls of ships. If you are within 20 feet of a gamma box that is opened, with a small pellet in it, you will die. 
    If it starts going down , we all go down with it facing the most hideous slow deaths. Deaths from multiple fuel pools catching fire accross america and the northern hemisphere. America is meta saturated with nuclear wastes. When 3 or 4 or 5 of our fukushima reactors explode and take fuel pools with them, there will be no wrath of he'll pain, agony , suffering more imaginable to americans. It will be slow and hedeous. It is happening in japan. It is hidden in plain sight. Thiis is not like apocolyptic science fiction , it is more like extreme grotesque post modern horror of the most bone crushing, skin sizzling, self flaying type.  Clive barker nauseating and sinister sadism. 
    There are some evil psychotic, and nihilistic devils at some levels who know what is going on.
    There are also the more common ton paul, libertard, Republican type reptilian bastards who never gave a shit about life. 

  3. For the Ron Paul types it's all about ideology. Picture slim Pickens, riding the hydrogen bomb all the way to ground zero. That is in Dr strangelove. Free enterprise, gulping, destroying the earth. Free enterprise ideology objectivism or murder everyone! Murder everyone anyway. It is their great nihilistic evolutionary destiny! Murder, kill , maim, irradiate, genocide everything! That is what Ayn rand, Ron Paul, the Mercers, the Kochs and, their sick little nihilistic toadies are are about.  All for the ordination of yhese sick, genetically ruined,  emotionally constipated, demented and psychotic bastards.
    They are the most genetically damaged and yet, the most nihilistically racist, murderous and evil of all creatures on the planet.  10 thousand more nuclear bombs!
    Frack the artic for uranium and oil. More nuclear reactors from sea to glowing sea, frack all the national parks for uranium! Build nuclear reactor powered space stations and launch them intact from Florida,and new mexico. Nuclear bomb platforms in space! Just create as much nuclear waste as possible and, have taxpayers pay to have it shipped to all the municipal dumps in America to be burned. To be dumped in the ocean, and dumped in all the lakes and rivers in america. It's free enterprise! Maga

  4. Exclusive interview of Lonnie Clark and Christina Macpherson
    Age of Fission

  5. Most of the white boys in white fish have lived off the govt teat their whole lives. They are liars neonazis. They wanna build a new intelligence service to spy on their fellow americans. as if a 100 are not enough. Their, vileness, treachery, stupidity, genocidal bullshit prononouncements, nihilism, knows no.bounds. most of the native Americans in Montana want their sorry conniving welfare baby asses out out montana. MAGA
    Donald Trump, Erik prince, Baldwin , Zinke


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