Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Simple Error or Calculated Revisionism?

I was reading a Mainichi news story this morning on airborne radiation levels near Fukushima Daiichi, which remain quite elevated.

What struck me about the reported story is the assertion that the government set the radiation exposure level at 1 millisievert a year after the accident:
Airborne Radiation Near Fukushima Nuke Plant Still Far Higher Than Gov’t Max. (Jan 18, 2018) The Mainichi https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20180118/p2a/00m/0na/020000c
Following the March 2011 triple meltdown, the government set a long-term radiation exposure limit of 1 millisievert per year, which breaks down to an hourly airborne radiation dose of 0.23 microsieverts.  The NRA took airborne radiation readings in the Fukushima Prefecture towns of Futaba, Okuma, Namie and Tomioka, and the village of Katsurao. The highest reading registered in the previous year's survey was 8.89 microsieverts per hour, in Katsurao.
What I find confusing and disconcerting is the fact that the government set the radiation level after the accident at 20 millisieverts a year, not 1.

Was a simple error involved in the reporting here? Or is revisionism under way?

One way I've seen propaganda operate over the last five years is for an untruth to be planted and repeated over and over again until it becomes part of the public record as a "truth."

Yet, the 20 millisievert a year limit has circulated widely in the media as well and will be difficult to replace (e.g., see here https://theconversation.com/acceptable-risk-is-a-better-way-to-think-about-radiation-exposure-in-fukushima-56190).

Was this an error or is it something else entirely?



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  2. Things could not be much worse, Majia.

  3. Darkest time in American History.

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  5. Dun renard. Hopw tepco spoonfeds bs. They occasionaly, cannot kewp track of their own lies. Like in this circumstance, with reactor 2. Nuclear-news.net

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  7. Most of humanity is not very highly developed. The world is a rough place. Our ancestors have lived through terrible times. In 1258 one third of the population of London died of starvation. This was due to a huge volcanic eruption in the area of Indonesia about which nothing was known until the mass of skeletons was discovered some years ago. It put so much ash and aerosol into the atmosphere that the world temperature dropped a great deal for several years. 12,860 years ago four fragment of a giant comet hit the earth. That lowered the global temperature significantly for over one thousand years. There was a great die off of animals and humans. Things like that happen on this planet. And that is why people tend to be insensitive to what appears to be little things. Minor life threats. We have these collective memories in feeling and somehow sense just how bad things can get. Calling leaders psychotic and psychopathic won't help at all. I am not sure what if anything will. Maybe it will be the fate of humans to suffer lots of radiation poisoning? Protesting the nuclear enterprise has been going on for a long time and with very little effect. There is a great deal of nuclear waste. Consider the situation near Carlsbad. For a while it was newsworthy but now has disappeared . . . We are reluctant to let go of all this power. Perhaps it will be needed to adjust the path of a large space rock. Who knows?

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  9. You completely missed the point of my comment. Your mind is dominated by resentment and anger to the point where your level of comprehension is pretty low. Are you a university student? You might want to take some time and get a better balance. Your angry denunciations accomplish nothing
    and your repeated usage of the word psychotic is itself a little psychotic. Do you really think you are going to change anything?

    1. A post script for Anonymous: I think you are just the sort of person who would benefit enormously from listening to the videos of Jordan Petersen. I wonder what woman is dominating you?


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