Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A TRIBUTE to Capt Clyde Stagner

My friend and mentor Clyde Stagner passed away as 2017 closed.

I feel deeply saddened, although he lived a very full life.

I met Clyde through this blog, as I have come to know so many of you reading it now.

After discovering my blog in 2011, Clyde reached out to me and shared his knowledge, a body of knowledge acquired over a lifespan that extended into his 90s.

Clyde was there at the Chicago Pile -- the world's first nuclear reactor.  During the 1960s, while working for the Army, he was a whistle-blower whose concerns about radioactivity leaking from underground nuclear sites were ignored by the military chain of command.

His life was memorialized in the film Blue Sky  (as discussed here http://tucsoncitizen.com/morgue2/1994/10/01/173135-a-life-magnified/).

Over the course of his long lifetime, he studied the properties of radioactivity and developed a particular concern for tritium, because of its ubiquity and the insidious nature of its bonding with biological cells.

Clyde reached out to me and shared his knowledge about how tritium evaporates from nuclear plants' cooling ponds, entering the water cycle and ending up in pools, ponds, and lakes through precipitation.

Clyde was very technically proficient and spent endless hours calculating likely evaporation and concentration levels, with implications drawn for biological life.

I highly recommend ordering his excellent and affordable book, Hidden Tritium [at Amazon],

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I had the great joy of meeting Clyde and his wife in Tucson. Later, I had the good fortune of meeting some of his highly accomplished extended family in California.

Family was very important to Clyde. I think that is why he spent so much of his time writing letters to policy makers and regulators concerning the dangers of tritium and also of the chemical perchlorate, a chemical used in rocket fuel, that has contaminated the Colorado River and can be detected in agricultural products (see here). 

Clyde understood that ubiquitous contaminants can bioaccumulate in biological life and pose significant reproductive hazards.

Tritium was and remains ubiquitous and insidious because, as a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, it cannot be removed from water and is capable of binding with DNA.
Tritium emits beta particles, or high speed electrons that can damage DNA.
Tritium binds with and is capable of destroying the components of biological life.
Fukushima Daiichi is a tritium-producing machine, as I've documented:
Thank you Clyde for sharing your knowledge, knowledge critical for understanding the significance of Japan's decision to dump highly unprecedented volumes of tritiated water.

Thank you Clyde for the example that you set in your unwavering pursuit of life, inscribed in your detailed mathematical calculations, evidence-based letters to regulators, and published books, which you will find at the end of this blog post.
Clyde was a great teacher. He was extraordinarily generous with his knowledge and spirit. I am grateful for the opportunity to have known him, as a student and as a friend.

Thank you Clyde. You will be remembered.



  1. Thanks Clyde! There are these brave souls, like Clyde. Clyde did not back down from the harsh reality of radionuclide_contamination on Earth. People who are intrinsically , honest about the ramifications of this great psychosis from the beginning. 

    There are those who lived by Chernobyl. The lady whose sweet beautiful.daught is so developmentally delayed she is 5 grades back in school.  The Russian  Doctor who got sick from a Nuclear submarine ecplosion in Russia. She has had cancer twice. She is 48 and has constant menstual bleeding. I have taljked to both types. When they talk about the cancers and, chronic illness they have been through, their eye become like oysters. 

    There are those who have grown up in cancer Clusters like Fallon, Nevada and St. George, Utah.  They have seen their loved ones live,suffer horribly, and die.  Children too. The thought of the suffering of the children. It makes my guts tighten. It gives me pain in the pit of my stomach. The chemotherapy lights every blood veseel, muscle and organ in your body on fire! 
    The crushing 105 degree fevers. Losing your hair. Seeing childrens bones distort in their faces. Seeing bones in their faces dissolve from bone cancers. Seeing their face structures change grom surgery.  Skin mottled and gray,  from ravenous tumor growth.  From chemotherapy. 
    The unnatural-premature deaths of their neighbors and their children. The chronic-debilitating illnesses, of so many towns people. The chidren with cerebral palsey moaning in pain, on the floor with, helmets on. It is right their in-your-face. The previously 225 pound neigjbor, who now weighs 110 pounds his yes  with sunken eyes. He is a ghost of his former self. The lonely.people who.have lost so many lived one. The pain, the agony, the emotional tolls. We have well-gormed ideas of what is going on in small towns around Fukushima. In neighborhoods around Tokyo and Yokohama. Especially those of us who have contacts there. We are not afraid to ask questions

    We will never back down from the fight!

    Then there are those that treat this utterly suppressed holocaust like a sensation attention grabber or a perfect vehicle for their sordid ideological and religious manipulations.

  2. #RIP Clyde, may your legacy help turn the tide.

  3. This is off topic for what is talked about here, but I found today 1/7/18 on http://www.netc.com/ that the monitors for readings are off on most of Japan including Fukushima Daiichi, Fukushima Daini, Tokyo and the South where they were having such high and numerous readings. Interesting. Just a momentary thing..or are they done.
    Happy New Year,


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