Saturday, January 6, 2018

CDC Preparing for a Nuclear Blast

On the one hand, effective risk management is optimized when one plans for a wide array of hazards, especially for low-probability but high-impact events, such as an asteroid impact or nuclear attack:
Brett Molina (2018, Jan 5). The CDC is preparing for a nuclear blast. USA Today

As tensions between North Korea and the U.S. rise, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention want Americans to be prepared in case of a nuclear event.

The agency scheduled a briefing Jan. 16 titled "Public Health Response to a Nuclear Detonation," where federal, state and local officials will detail what preparations have been made in case of such an event.
On the other hand, planning for events can create the idea that these events are far more malleable to human engineering and mitigation than they are in actuality.

Accordingly, I address in this post how radioactive weapons are represented as a reasonable weapons option

The illusion of control over options may increase the probabilities of them occurring. And when worst case scenarios occur, they typically exceed optimistic risk management expectations.
So, when radioactive weapons are subject to planning, they likelihood of them being deployed grows, particularly when decision-making is centralized among those who see uranium as the ultimate ring of power.



  1. Similar preparations went on before 9/11. Should we take this as a forewarning of another major false flag?
    In my opinion the CDC is one of the most corrupted Federal Agencies.

  2. Nuclear explosion at GE type nuclear reactors in Vera Cruz Mexico 2 months after fukushima. Vera Cruz is on the gulf coast caribean side. There was a storm and earquake as well.

    1. Evidently a huge earthquake 7.3, occurred by there yesterday. Probably damaged reactors at Vera cruz or worse.


  4. "ultimate ring of power" ty M... recently caught another useful cling of words: "radiation-spewing accidents" (in a Popular Science piece, of all places!


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