Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Now this is simply getting weird

First Hawaii received a false alarm about incoming ballistic missiles, then Japan when a NHK broadcaster inadvertently issued a similar false alarm:
Anna Fitfield (2018, January 16). First Hawaii, now Japan sends a false alarm about incoming North Korean missile. The Washington Post,

SEOUL — Japanese public broadcaster NHK mistakenly sent an alert Tuesday warning that North Korea had fired a missile, just days after a similar mistake caused panic in Hawaii.

Unlike in the Hawaii case, however, this error took only five minutes to correct.

“NHK news alert. North Korea appears to have launched a missile,” NHK said in a notification sent through its app to mobile-phone users at 6:55 p.m. Tokyo time. “The government J-alert urges people to take shelter inside buildings or underground.”
It seems very, very strange for this error to be repeated in such a short time frame. I read comments at news reports covering these false missile alerts and most of the commentators either thought the alerts were tests of the population's reaction or were evidence of a propaganda strategy aimed at heightening fear in the general population.

Of course, I have no idea what is true. I do know that the Arizona Department of Emergency Management's public affairs official visited my crisis communications class last semester and I strongly doubt that department would make the same sort of error given their level of professionalism and their daily communications with other public affairs emergency management personnel across the nation.

The official explanations for the false reports are, in my opinion, suspect or, alternatively, reveal profound incompetence in crisis communications.


  1. Absolutely something weird up with that, Majia.

  2. Starting an arms race with first strike and small nuclear weapons, is insane. It will poison america. A time of the worst insanity is here.


    #health Watch “Dr. Helen Caldicott: The Medical Implications of Fukushima, Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation” on YouTube

  4. 1 SOUTH korea and NORTH korea will share a flag at the olympics. KOREA has longed, for many years to rejoin. The republicans, and military psycho-warmongers in the west,have used korea as an excuse to to keep a nuclear arms race going, for years. The repuglicans and the MIC make a lot of money of armament, nuclear arms techonology, extraction , processing, nuclear reactors. The trumpo goons are all about that, bigley.

    2 it is Unlikely korea can target much  with their shitty balistic missles. Any of the four bombs they have available, may mot even detonate. The n Korean nuclear threat has always been severely hyped in the US by the sickening deep state, neoconservative asses, republicillers, and the  Mic. Concentrating on it only pushes n Koreans to show off more. More money for the nuclear psychopaths in the usa. It also scares the crap out a lot of innocent people.

    3. The n Korean nuclear threat has always been severely hyped in the US by the sickening deep state, neoconservative asses, republicams, Mic. Concentrating on it, only pushes n Koreans to show off more. More money for the nuclear psychopaths in the usa The Republican fiends, in congress just voted tax incentives for the nuclear power industy, nuclear arms industry, and nuclear extraction industries to move forward with their fiendish destructive plans. Meanwhile, America needs a massive influx to its infrastructre, a plan that would include, making america 100 % renewable. 

    4.The irrationality and absurd abuse propaganda, constantly used  for the korean fiasco, is exeplified by Trump and his ghoulish backers. They use the korean peninsula standoff, to justify nukes in space and smallfirst strike strike nuclear weapons. It will cause an out-of-control nuclear arms race, for every country in the world. Russia just announced it has nuclear torpedoes.

    5. Crazy trumpo, and the oligarchs are using psychopathic lose-lose wmds and unsafe, grotesquely-expensive, nuclear extraction and nuclear power as a way, they say will innervate the american economy. More boom and bust billshit. Does not even fly anymore. One reactor crash, in any part of the world will show the insanity of this plan and stop it dead in its tracks, post Fukushima. 
    There are many other alternatives. Chile just went 100% renewable.  The world, was supposedly on its way to nuclear disarmament, after the Soviet union dissolved. Leave it to repuglicans and warmongers, to lie, backslide, murder and destroy their way to armageddon.

    6. Fukushima is far from over and moronic republicans are pushing for more nuclear reactors and weapons in america. They are doing the same in Japan.

  5. It looks like Trump, and his pushers main goal, is to turn the world into a radioactive wasteland.  Their new push, is for for massive increaes of Uranium extraction and processing, with no accountability for the wsste. . Small nuclear armaments.  They are strongly pushing for energizing a massive, new-world-arms race. They definitely want more extensive, dangerous nuclear reactors evewhere. Even, in the dangerous middle east, where there is enough sun and wind power to run the world forever. They do not care about exponential increases, in nuclear waste, worldwide. They have no plans to deal with it. Massive increases, in the number of nuclear weapons worldwide, are coming.

  6. Pentangon suggests nuclear weapons to counter cyber attack. That is how frikin insane they are.

  7. I suspect that the Hawaiian false alert was deliberate hoping to make Trump look bad. After all Hawaii is Obama land. The alert in Japan is harder to analyze. May well have been a real accident.


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  9. Something Is WRONG In Hawaii..
    Published on Jan 19, 2018

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  11. The most important thing to do, is to shut down all reactors. Begin, by shutting the coastal reactors, and all GE Mark reactors. That will be the challenge. If it does not occur soon, radioactive wasteland will be a forgone conclusion.


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