Sunday, January 14, 2018

Last Moments are a WAKE UP CALL PEOPLE!

I cannot get the experience of the people in Hawaii out of my head. I cannot imagine what it would be like to receive emergency broadcasts announcing incoming ballistic missiles.

There would be no place to escape or hide. No time to reach family members at work or school.

What would go through your head? What would your thoughts be?

I cannot imagine the experience of thinking you and your loved ones are going to die imminently because some insane psychopaths are intent on destroying the world.

Wake up people. Its time to take to the streets for de-nuclearization! For peace! For survival!


  1. Unfortunately the word psychopath has pretty much lost its shock value through over use and through usage by persons who really do not know what the term means technically. A Canadian psychiatrist has done a very through study of these persons and has written extensively on the subject. His name is Dr Robert Hare. The word wicked might be better usage. Even evil has been over used. Stalin may have been a psychopath. But I doubt FDR was though most historians now believe that he had advanced knowledge of Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen. Generally good people sometimes do wicked things. Most people are never in a position to do great harm. Thankfully. I even doubt that Little Rocket Man deserves being called a psychopath or even a sociopath. But it is far from clear how he extricates himself and his nation from the very tight spot generations of North Koreans have placed them in.

  2. Trump has dumped a lethal ARDS corona vius on america.It's an attenuated, highly dangerous-corona ards virus.Trump put out on us to kill, what he deems useless eaters. It can be lethal to Elderly on Medicare and social security. The young children, especially in working and poor families are getting very sick from it. It is a nationwide pandemic. People whose immune systems have been compromised by cancer, are dying from it. It is why he has been limiting the CCD so much. There is information on it on state and local, public health the web sites.

    1. Do you have cold hard facts to back up your claim, or is it wishful thinking? The CDC is corrupt. This flu also occurred in Australia during their recent winter. Is Trump also out to get the Aussies? Why does this blog attract so many unhinged commenters?

  3. The pharmaceutical companies are jacking up the prices of IV saline fluid replacement 600%, in the ale of one of the worst flus , in history. Typical Trumpinomics.

  4. Trump was always about maximizing profits for the elites, the 1%, the oligarchs. They are globalization and corporate greed, on steroids. They want to take it one step beyond, profiting off the eventual mass radionuclide and chemical contamination, of the planet. They want to push forward the insane notion of surviaval of nuclear war. They want to do this, all  the while profiting, from the extractaction and contamination created by this mad rush to doom. 

    "Article about a Russian linked Italian fascist candiate spouting the same lies that Trump (and Hitler) did: “new deal for Italy’s workers and small businesses, free from the threat of globalisation.“. Like Hitler, Trump has sold out the workers and small businesses to big business. (Trump is globalisation/global elite personified). Like Trump, this Italian candidate is a fan of Putin’s Russia. "
    From mining awareness 

    The biggest lie Trump and his supporters push, is that he is antiglobalization, antielite. A terrible lie.
    The republicans, MIC, and the oligarchs, have a scorched earth policy, of profits before life. A psychotic scorched earth conception of extraction, consumption, and disposability, from which there is no return. 
    Same for Putin.Many Americans, Europeans, and Russians know this. They do nothing about it. 
    The Chinese seem to be smarter. Some of their leadership wanted to build a nuclear reprocessing plant, in China. There were mass riots against it a year or so ago in China. Now the Chinese govt. Is rejecting the idea again, as unsafe. They are not signing an agreement with Macron , the chickenshit neoliberal hippocrit. Macron claims to be cutting back the nuclear monster in France while going abroad, with this crap. 
    The Russians and putin have probably lost momentum on many their criminal bids, to build their unstable, crappy reactors in places like, Kenya, S Africa, Nigeria. Putin's Rosatom will not give up though. They will keep on pushing, in spite of their plutonium plant in Mayak periodically going off and irradiating an already radioactive Europe into deeper hell. Perhaps, when one of their shitty reactors in the Ukraine blows, or one of their newer ones in Bulgaria, belarus, Poland futher poisons the he'll out of eurpoe, people will stand up. Doubt it though. The Russians, Japanese, Americans have turned the attic into such a saturated radionuclide hellsieve, that future generations may not be able to go there in 20 years. Trump admires Putin's psychotic, machinations "Hugely."

    1. Consider QAnon. Old news stories of the Soviet Union which have been ditched long ago. Chinese threat is real.

  5. Anyone who quotes BAD and Republican party as deep state operative JAMES O KEEFEIII S DEFINITELY COINTELPRo OKIEFE used fake videos and lies to take down the voting rights group ACCORN in 2004 and 2008. He is heavily associated w/o the the worst spooks and dirtiest elements of the Republican party. Yet melting mermaid and other idiots like Kevin Blanch live him and flaunt his fraudulent, abusive propaganda.

  6. There are a lot of moles that purport to be antinuclear always have been.  James Okeefe, is one of the most ardent pronuclear, antidemocratic spooks to have ever existed. That shows you what melting mermaid and Kevin Blanch are all about.

  7. Both of the rightwing-neoliberal-parties, democraps and repuglicans, play dirty games, in America.
    The television outlets are the worst. The republiglicans play the ugliest most vicious games.
    Both parties Pander mostly to neoconservative warmoning.
    James OKeefe has been one of the ugliest propagandists, ever. Real piece of work he is. Learned his ugliness from dick Cheney and Rove. Gets millions in dark money to hurt poor people, and destroy peoples careers. I do not need a SCUMBAG like him, to know how bad MSNBC , CNN, Fox etcetera are. Raw story is a neoconservative outlet too. A lot of neoconservative BS while pandering to DLC democrats.
    American Media is controlled by oligarchs. It diarrheas propaganda endlessly. Plays smoke and mirrors, while its true genocidal agendas are pushed. Frames reality as if there are only two american political parties and one way of thinking available to Americans.
    The democorp-rightwing franchise or the off the field, fascist-repuglicans are the only thing we have, according to them. America has become a dystopian nightmare for us and, the rest of the world. I wish, there were something we could do about it.

  8. Point Counterpoint: Putin is one of the great modern leaders; his foreign minister Lavrov is the best foreign minister around. Putin rescued Russia from chaos and recently saved Syria from being another Libya at the hands of Obama. Potentially Russia is America's greatest ally. Perhaps postmodernism has all but destroyed the American university. Postmodernism can be reduced to 'nothing is true' which if true is false. Anyway it is total nonsense. It is a joke, a scam, a ruse which so many otherwise intelligent persons have been taken in by. Once liberals championed freedom of speech and academic freedom. No longer. So many students and professors on psychiatric medications. Unhealthy. Loss of discernment. So I predict academia will be the next institution that gets exposed for fraud.

  9. Best thing to do, is to ignore trolls, Trump trolls, cointelpro.
    The current administration wants to normalize terrweps agin. It is so they can control us, ansolutely. They will undoubtedly start issuing color coded warnings, of probabilities, of incoming nuclear missiles now. Sounds like Bush w taken to the most heinous, and psychotic level.

  10. Nuclear we are standing on the threshold of too late.

    "In Dr. Martin Luther King’s Nobel Prize Lecture, October of 1964, he raises the alarm over nuclear weapons and the constant threat of annihilation by nuclear weapons, as an “imminent cosmic elegy“. Ignoring the nuclear threat “does not alter the nature and risks of such war“, he warns. [1] In his speech at the Riverside Church, one year before his death, he further warns that there is such a thing as “too late“. [2]

    Today we stand on the threshold of too late, with regard to nuclear reactors, as well as nuclear weapons.

    Nuclear reactors and the related mining, processing and waste legally leak lethal radionuclides into the environment, all of the time"

  11. These men have an acute case of nuclear madness



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