Saturday, January 13, 2018


38 MINUTES for some people to get the error message! "Ballistic missile threat inbound"

'This is not a drill': Hawaiians get false alert of missile attack due to worker's pushing 'wrong button' (January 13, 2018). Yahoo. Available,
"this is not a drill, take an immediate shelter"



    Blast from the past. David Muirs reporting of the atonal Reagan, the blasts, people getting scanned for radiation, the govt lies. Muirs exposure

  2. There are 10 or eleven towns in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, that had Uranium mills. They had or have auranium Mills right in the middle of town. That means that Uranium dust, polonium, thorium, radium, and radon blew freely, thoughout these towns, 24 hours a day, for years. 
    Most of the water, from these mill towns, drained into the Colorado River. 
    Many of these towns were downwinder towns, from open air blasting of nucler bombs in Nevada, from 1949 to 1962.  
    Many, of the towns had the misfortune of having underground nuclear bombs detonated close to them as well, to try to track natural gas. Especially in New Mexico and Colorado. In the 60s Hilibutron was also tracking nuclear waste into areas in Nevada, and Wyoming. More recently  there has been fracking for oil and gas in UtAh, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona. This means the radioactive burden to their water tables, has been increased again substantially. 
    That is  along with 60 years of radioactive burden on the Colorado River, from all the other things, that were done.
    There are also the 1000 or so uranium mines draining into the Colorado River and Green driver from Utah, the western slope, Shiprock New Mexico,  Wyoming, The Grand Canyon Area.
    I think Helen Caldicott's and Christina Macpherson's estimates of a few million tons of radioactive sediment in Lake Mead and even lake Powell are wrong.

    Consider underground nuclear destinations in Rangely Colorado and Northen New Mexico. I think it is more like a half billion, or billions of tons of nuclear waste sediment in Lake Powell and lake Mead..
    There were Uranium Mills on the Navajo nation by Ship Rock in New Mexico and, Halchita which is by the Colorado river. There were Uranium Mills right in the middle of town in Canyon City.Colorado, Moab.Utah, Uravan.Colorado, White Mesa.Utah, Monticello.Utah, by Grand Junction.Colorado. Many in Wyoming.
    Uranium mining in Wyoming - Wikipedia

    There are dense cancer clusters in these little towns on the Navajo Nation, in Utah, in Nevada, in Colorado, in Wyoming, in New Mexico. There are Genetic mutations that should not exist. Some people, like those in St George or Monticello Utah got the mere pittance of 50,000 dollars, after having lived in downwinder areas and survived cancer. 3 or 4 Generations of families wiped-out in many instances by cancer.
     Clarke county Nevada, by Las Vegas has one of the highest incidences of cancer in the US. Is it any wonder, with all the radiation in their primary drinking water supplies?
    Many little Colorado Plateau towns, in the west are  hit with quintuple curses: bomb blasts above ground, bomb blasts below ground-poisoning their head waters, uranium mills and waste in town, their river water radioacively poisoned from inderground nuclear blasts, from uranium mines, from cold war nuclear bomb detonations.
    There has recently, been a great deal of fracking in these areas, releasing radioactivity into their desert rivers and water tables.
    Americans live in a grand delusion. They think how clean the western United States, and the rest of the USA is. The rest of the USA, with a hundred rickety old nuclear plants belching tritium, into the environment.  The United State is the most radioactive shithole in the world. Helen Caldicott is probably right about 176 million people in Murica drinking radioactive water. It is probably more though.

  3. Trump has a lot of guts, calling other countries shitholes.


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