Wednesday, January 24, 2018

6.2 Earthquake in Japan off Honshu

See the story here:

The quake appears to have been far north of Fukushima. Map here:

Daiichi looks unchanged, at least, above ground:

Who knows what is going on underground. TEPCO has not been forthcoming about the implications of recent robotic findings from reactor unit 2:

CHIKAKO KAWAHARA January 20, 2018 Melted nuclear fuel seen inside No. 2 reactor or at Fukushima plant. The Asahi Shimbun
Unit 2 seems to be missing quite a bit of fuel.


  1. japan wants to open 20 reactors in earthquake zones. Abe wants to build 18 new reactors in fukui.

  2. Why does'nt trump say anything about fukushima? His administration enourages radioactive food, shipped from fukushima. They encourage japan to open more nuclear plants, in dangerous earthquake zones. They encourage, arming Japan with nuclear weapons.