Saturday, February 4, 2012

PotrBlog Finds 17X Background / I Find Strange Sky

17 Background Radiation in St Louis Misting Rain Saturday, February 4, 2012

[excerpted] "At 5:30pm we took a sample swipe from our truck and it returned a reading of 17 times greater than background radiation. The reading is significantly less than the 30-50X background measurement we had late yesterday evening; however, the reading is still somewhat high for a jetstream blowing out of the South West..."

Majia here: I wish I had a camera with me to record the very disturbing sunset in tonight's Phoenix sky.

I have never seen anything like it. The atmospherics appeared "oily" and there was a strange yellow-dominant rainbow in the sky that looked more like the colors one sees in an oil stain. It looked "wrong."

Plus, there was a strange looking "cloud" that looked like dark gray tangled filaments from a torn blanket hanging vertically in the sky... smoke like...

There were many persistent airplane contrails.

I watch sunsets routinely because they are so beautiful here, despite (or even because of sometimes) our terrible valley air. Tonight's sunset was not natural looking. I hope someone took some pics and posts...

I did find someone who had filmed a similar sunset in Tucson last year without the oily colors that were in the sky tonight


  1. Saw one in Hawaii last week, driving of course, it was really odd, seen 10000 sunsets, never one like that, seemed "smeared"

  2. I am kind of surprised that you refer to them as contrails, when they have been spraying chemtrails as part of a geoengineering (secret) job for probably a decade, and its been terrible this week. Anyone who doubts the chemtrail theory should watch how these trails turn into strange clouds that wouldn't have otherwise been, turning sunny days into cloudy.


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